Criminal Spin-off

Visual Design / UI Design / Web Development

• Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
• Figma
• HTML, CSS,  JavaScript

︎Interactive Website

Studio Experiment (2023–2024)


Since its launch, the CRIMINAL Podcast, primarily owned by Radiotopia and acquired by Vox Media in 2021, has been a go-to for many podcast lovers. This project aims to suggest potential new services for their loyal users and further discover new customers, exploring their exciting episodes. 


I chose three episodes, “The Paramedics,” “Lavender Scare,” and “The Palace of Justice,” to make them into other media—books. To promote this new product, I also made a landing page that aligns with the podcast website, which should also offer a new perspective.

As CRIMINAL Podcast has been one of the leading true-crime podcast channels for a long time, I made sure that the overall graphic design respected the existing visual language while adding another layer to show that they are stepping into another venue.


Although the following, “The Paramedics,” “Lavender Scare,” and “The Palace of Justice,” are all independent episodes in the podcast channel, they represent resilience and a strong will to fight and build the greater good. The challenge was how to interpret each podcast episode into a different media and how to make them look different but not too different from each other.


The biggest challenge was to make sure the promotional platform for this new service was using the same visual language and assets but should look different at the same time.
With that in mind, I drafted the UI design in Figma and finished it while coding from scratch.