Fitch & Burg

Graphic Design / Concept Design (Client Proposal) / Prototyping
Digital Embellishment

Fathom Optics Inc. (2021)

While being a client proposal and a design experiment, this project aims to embody the essence of sound directly into printed packaging. This project was also a design solution to drive the conversation between clients and the company, promoting the company’s new product and sparking the business opportunity in the industry.

Ripples and circles have been popular graphic elements with the connotation of sounds for years. This poster for the Zurich Town Hall by Josef Müller-Brockmann is a classic example.
I decided to use optical illusion and the ripple-like digital embellishment we were working on at that time to convey the characteristics of a sound wave. The centralized fluid ripple of the effect was an obvious fit for an audio brand concept.


Optical illusion. Halation. Countermotion.
This piece uses countermotion and halation to deepe the appearance of pulsing motion.