Art Direction / Graphic Design / Brand Design
Package Design / Project Management

Japan Natural Laboratories Co., Ltd. (2015)

photograph: Masato Sato
assistant designer: Yuri Uratani

  • Improvement in communication with the existing customers
  • Planning out the product release process alongside future campaigns
  • Execution of visual design
  • Solving the logistical issues

The mission was to add a superior lineup to the existing house brand, "LA MENTE." The development of the brand started by restating its mission and creating a narrative.

The visual language was determined to create an exciting experience by contrasting the container's glimmering silver and shimmering black packages. Although they are usually white or brown, the inside of the package and the liner is also black to create a powerful visual. This visual obviously makes the budget jump; I solved the issue and logistical processes by simplifying the structure and reducing the amount of material.