Brand and Comunication /  Graphic Design / Editorial Design
Infographic / Web Design / Ethnographic Research
Online Survey / Indepth Interview

Pratt Institute (2018-2019)

This project is a studio practice inspired by actual gender discrimination in the medical field, aiming to unite and empower medical students and professionals fighting against discrimination in the field.

In the summer of 2018, people discovered that Tokyo Medical University in Japan has been discriminating against students on their gender and age in the entrance exam. This school was not the only institute involved in this incident, and even now, gender discrimination is still occurring in the academic and professional fields of medicine.


After I discovered the incident, I reached out to doctors and interviewed 3 in Japan over the 13 hours difference. An online survey was also done and received more than 30, mostly revealing their appalling experience of discrimination.

To solve this issue, I suggest a nonprofit organization to support and empower young doctors, especially in Japan.

Because this incident started in Japan, research papers are done in English and Japanese.


The visual language aimed to show how discrimination is happening right now.
The amount of pink in each poster is precisely 83.8%, the ratio of doctors who revealed the experience of gender discrimination in my survey. One of the quotes is from the actual words of a doctor who answered the online survey.

As for the identifier, I started designing it from scratch, drawing on paper.
I wanted to show it clearly and robustly, communicate well in the professional field of medicine, and be reliable and straightforward.

There are two languages in this project; English and Japanese.
Following this, typefaces were also chosen from English and Japanese, looking cohesive in either language. I chose both languages not only because this happened in Japan or because I'm studying in the United States. There is still an enormous gender gap in the industry, and I wanted to discuss this topic as a minor incident in Asia and as a global issue.